Makanan terburuk untuk makan Larut Malam 2

6. Fried and Fatty Foods

Constantly grazing on chips, fries, cheeseburgers and other high-calorie junk food is a strict no-no for your health, particularly at night.

They are rich in fat that takes a longer time to digest and slows down the overall digestive process, thus leaving excess acid in the stomach and wreaking havoc on the digestive tract. Those who suffer from acid reflux should definitely stay away from fried foods.

Also, avoid spicy foods that may cause physical discomfort like heartburn. Plus, they tend to give you a rush of endorphins that can make it harder to sleep.
7. Sodas

Sodas are not only filled with empty calories, they are also acidic in nature. Drinking soda at night can increase stomach pressure and cause stomach discomfort.

Also, the high amount of sugar in many carbonated drinks causes your energy levels to spike and disrupts your sleep. Plus, certain sugars and artificial sweeteners can give you gas and bloating. Some sodas, especially diet sodas, also contain caffeine that disrupts sleep.
8. Chocolates and Candy Bars

Although it contains antioxidants, eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate, at night is not a good idea. It contains stimulants like caffeine and theobromine that can keep you awake longer. The common milk chocolate, though lower in caffeine, is loaded with sugar and fats.

Avoid candy bars, pastries and other sugary treats as well. In addition to causing energy spikes, these simple-carbohydrate foods contribute to weight gain by causing a spike in your blood glucose level, most of which your body does not need, especially at night. Thus, the body stores excess glucose as fat.

Sorry to say, but high-fat and high-sugar ice creams are also a no-no. Don't reach for that box of sugary cereal, either. You can eat a healthier cereal snack, though.

Additional Tips

Eat your dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed.
Avoid late-night snack attacks.
Do not eat too much fruit at night as most fruits are high in sugar. You can eat a small serving, but not more than 1 cup.
Manage stress and anxiety as they may disrupt your sleep cycle and encourage late-night snacking. 

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